2020 REGISTRATION IS OPEN: Orientation Week/Frosh (End of August):

Orientation Week is the best way to quick off the school year and introduce incoming students to PTOT, McGill, and Montreal. Incoming students can interact with fellow peers and gain advice from older students who will be their Leaders. The week is jam packed with events and activities across Montreal.

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The Physical & Occupational Therapy Undergraduate Society of McGill University is proud to present Orientation Week 2020! This is an annual welcome week of events held for incoming students, introducing them to life at McGill, and giving them the opportunity to interact with fellow incoming students and mentors in their faculty. It includes virtual events such as a comedy night, trivia, escape room and much more! If you have any questions regarding PT/OT Frosh, do not hesitate to email us at or on our Facebook page at

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Legal Information Clinic at McGill (LICM) / Clinique d’information juridique à McGill (CIJM)

The Legal Information Clinic at McGill (LICM) is a non-profit, student-run, bilingual and free legal information service. This legal information includes topics about landlord problems, Quebec law, employment law and family law. Anyone can make an appointment to access their services. The Clinic maintains a continuing commitment to meeting your needs, help you access information and resources that might otherwise be out of reach.

See the following website for more information:

Welcome Back BBQ (Fall):

Each year at the beginning of the semester, POTUS and SPOTGSA host the Welcome Back BBQ for all the undergraduate and masters students, along with faculty members. This is an excellent opportunity to catch up, meet or network with classmates and professors, while also enjoying some tasty treats. 

Qualifying Year Housewarming Wine and Cheese (September 2017):

As an integrative initiative, POTUS organizes a wine and cheese at the beginning of the school year to welcome the first year masters students coming from other undergraduate programs. This is an opportunity for these students to mingle and meet their new peers joining them in the qualifying year from the OTPT undergraduate program. 

Graffiti Party  (November):

The annual POTUS Graffiti Party is an event aimed to promote networking between students of every year. At the Graffiti Party, students are required to wear a plain white t-shirt so that it can be filled with peers’ signatures and doodles. 

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Wheelchair Basketball Tournament (November):

This is an event organized by POTUS in partnership with Parasports Quebec to raise public awareness for the organization and its role in the province of Quebec. Students and faculty members from PTOT are given the opportunity to learn more about this adapted sport while compete against one another and players from Parasports Quebec.


OT/PT Games (January):

Every year in January, 500+ Occupation and Physical Therapy Science students across Canada gather to compete, network, learn, promote and share the love of the OTPT field.  Over the course of three days, students will challenge each other in athletics, academics, spirit, and dance events. OT/PT Games is a jam-packed weekend of fun and activities where students will be able to represent McGill and meet other students in the undergraduate and master’s program.  Check out the Facebook page for more information!

Sugar Shack (April):

Each year in April, students from all years of PTOT have the opportunity to go sugar shacking. Students can enjoy a traditional and sugary Canadian meal, and dance to some country songs. This is a great event for students to destress and take a break from studying prior to final exams.

Stay tuned for the events page on Facebook!