Orientation Week

Orientation Week is a student-run event that involves 5000+ incoming students from all faculties participating in various activities held at the end of August, before school begins. The students will interact with fellow peers, gain advice from older students, and familiarize themselves with their new life at McGill. Approximately 100 Physical and Occupational Therapy students will participate in activities such as guided tours around campus, sport activities, icebreaker games, and a scavenger hunt. They will also be able to meet with other faculty Orientation participants during common events such as Beach Day and Concert.


Qualifying Year Housewarming Wine and Cheese (September 2017)

First year master’s students, who obtained their Bachelor’s degree in a field of study other than Physical or Occupational Therapy, must complete a “qualifying year” which requires them to join the third year undergraduate class in all professional courses. As an integrative initiative, POTUS organizes a wine and cheese to welcome our new colleagues at the beginning of the school year. POTUS also invites two representatives from one of our sponsors to join us in welcoming the new students and to promote their organization during the event.



Graffiti Party  (November 2017)

The annual POTUS Graffiti Party is an event aimed to promote networking between students of every year. This event is especially worthwhile for first year students who can become acquainted with older students in both the undergraduate and master programs to then benefit from their mentoring. At the Graffiti Party, students are required to wear a plain white t-shirt so that it can be filled with peers’ signatures and doodles.



OT/PT Games (January 2018)

Every year in January, 500+ Occupation and Physical Therapy Science students across Canada gather to compete, network, learn, promote and share the love of the OTPT field.  Over the course of three days, students will challenge each other in athletics, academics, spirit and dance events. OT/PT Games is a jam-packed weekend of fun and activities where students will be able to represent McGill and meet other students in the undergraduate and master’s program.  A definite MUST for the University experience – Stay tuned for more information!



Wheelchair Basketball Tournament (November 2017)

This is an event organized by POTUS in partnership with Parasports Quebec to raise public awareness for the organization and its role in the province of Quebec. Students and faculty members from the School of Physical and Occupational Therapy participate in this friendly sports meet to also learn more about this adapted sport.



Welcome BBQ Corn Roast (Fall 2017)

Each year, the SPOTGSA and POTUS welcome approximately 400 students and faculty members by throwing a corn roast. This is an excellent opportunity to catch up, meet or network with classmates and professors, while also enjoying some tasty treats. During this event, sponsors can gain more exposure and promote their products and/or services to the whole PTOT program.

Undergraduate Graduation Ball (End April 2018)

The annual Undergraduate Graduation Ball celebrates the completion of the Bachelor’s Degree for PTOT students, and sponsors have the opportunity of advertisement to the graduating cohort. The details of the graduation are to be determined.

Master’s Graduation Ball (April or May 2018)

To celebrate the completion of the students’ Master’s degree and the beginning of their professional careers as certified therapists, an annual Master’s Graduation ball is held. Sponsoring this event will provide an excellent opportunity for exposure to the graduating Master’s class.