PT Day and OT Week (September & October 2017)

World Physical Therapy Day takes place every September 8th, and October 27th marks World Occupational Therapy Day. To celebrate World Physical Therapy Day, students gather on McGill University’s downtown campus to promote the Physical Therapy profession through informative activities that engage other students on campus.

McGill Occupational Therapy Day is marked by students who rally on McGill’s downtown campus and compete against other Canadian universities in a weeklong challenge to increase awareness of Occupational Therapy within our respective communities and is promoted by the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists (CAOT).


Charity Event: Talent Show (Winter 2018)

POTUS will raise funds for a charity organization once again in January 2018 through its annual talent show. The performances feature PTOT students with various talents such as singing, beat boxing and dancing. Sponsors will be welcome to provide us with food, beverages and desserts to serve our guests as well as prizes for a raffle contest at the end of the show.




Occupational Balance Month (November 2017)

This specific event is aimed to bring awareness on the importance of self-care, both physical and psychological. During the month of November, fellow POTUS members organize workshops varying from Zumba or yoga to a session of mindfulness with the goal of providing options in which students can de-stress. It is also aimed to emphasize the importance of finding the balance between school/work and also having time for themselves