Career Fair (March):

SPOTGSA (PTOT Graduate Student Association) organizes a fair during the winter semester in collaboration with CaPS (Career Planning Service) where clinics, hospitals and centers all across Canada come to meet students in PTOT, Nursing and SLP . Students can present their CVs and get the chance to see all the opportunities they can have once they graduate from the program.

Nametag Ceremony (Winter Semester):

As a transition from U3/QY to Masters, students attend this ceremony at the end of their undergraduate/qualifying year where they receive their nametag from their professors. This nametag identifies the students as rehab students while entering their clinical placements during their graduate year.

Undergraduate Graduation Ball (End of April):

The annual Undergraduate Graduation Ball celebrates the completion of the Bachelor’s Degree for PTOT students. This night is a fun night where students can dress up, dance, and enjoy a tasty three course meal.

Stay tuned for more information.