INVITATION: A Conversation Among Black Physiotherapists in Canada and the UK, Friday, June 26, 2020


What: This is an invitation to a virtual dialogue to connect Black PTs and PT students from across Canada and the UK

Who: This dialogue is for Black PTs and Black physiotherapy students in Canada and the UK. We may organize other virtual opportunities in the future for allies interested in dismantling anti-Black racism, but this first meeting is only for Black PTs and PT students.

Why: Our goal is threefold:

  • To build community and connection among Black PTs
  • To make space for discussion about racism in the context of these difficult days, in a way that centres the lived experience of Black PTs and Black PT students
  • To consider development of a future webinar (or series!) sharing stories and lived experiences of Black PTs as a step toward a more inclusive profession and world

When: Friday, June 26, 2020


9-10am PDT (e.g. Vancouver, Yukon)

10-11am MDT (e.g., Edmonton, Regina)

11am-noon CDT (e.g., Winnipeg)

12-1pm EDT (e.g., Toronto, Montreal)

1-2pm ADT (e.g., Halifax)

1:30-2:30pm NDT (e.g., Newfoundland)

UK: 5-6pm BST (e.g., London)


If you are a Black PT or PT student looking for more information, please contact

If you are not a Black PT or PT student and have questions, please contact 

Shared on behalf of:

Courtney Bean

Tracy Blake

Stephanie Lurch

Emmanuel Ovola

Meredith Smith

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