Official Statement Condemning Police Brutality, Anti-Blackness And Systemic Racism

POTUS stands in solidarity with the Black community and other marginalized communities, including the Indigenous and Asian communities, who suffer from daily occurrences of microaggressions, white supremacy and privilege, colonialism, police brutality and the propagation of negative stereotypes.

We represent all students within the School of Physical and Occupational Therapy at McGill and we want everyone in our POTUS family to feel safe and secure. Under no circumstance do we permit or tolerate any form of discrimination or violence. 

As future healthcare professionals, it is our duty and responsibility to provide care to people regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender and identity, and to listen to our patients especially in times of need. It is imperative that we continue to educate ourselves about the injustices within our healthcare system, notably in areas of accessibility and institutionalized racism, and to take action to improve our society as a whole. 

We will continue to promote the values upon which POTUS was founded on; principles of equity, diversity, inclusivity, fair representation, respect, integrity, tolerance and sustainability. We pledge to continue to empower the voices of marginalized communities and to advocate for and support them. We pledge to keep the momentum of these movements going.

To take action:

To consult a master list of resources (ranging from information on how to be a proper ally, how to prepare for a demonstration, the history of the Black Lives Matter movement, how to donate and support the cause), please consult the following: 

Thank you to the Black Student’s Network of McGill and the Students for Palestinian Human Rights McGill for providing this document for us to share.

Mental Health Resources:

Keepme.SAFE – 

WELL Office – 

Peace, Love and POTUS❣️

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