Election Results


Thank you to all those that participated.

Elected individuals are:

President: Danny Dinh
VP Communications: Jill Schneidman
VP Academics PT: Neel Chandarana
VP Academics OT: TBD
VP Internals: Brandon Azimov & TBD
VP External: Phillippe Cossette
VP Finance: Zoey Wang
Graduation Reps: Phillippe Lamothe and Nathalie Daccache
Charity Reps: Lara Théberge and Maxime Schonbeck
Athletic Reps: Laury-Anne Bolduc (internal) & TBD (external)
U3 reps: Mathilde Lavoie and Ginny Li
U2 reps: Cassandra Caluori and TBD
Frosh Director: Kamila Majidova
U1 and QY reps: TBD in September

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